Group Pictures

We Are The Mobile Head Shot Studio

We are a professional studio that comes to your place of business and takes your individual head shot or your entire teams head shots. We set up in a small space for a studio backdrop, or utilize your location for different backgrounds. 


We're the BEST when it comes to group sessions for professionals!

Smart business owners invest wisely in their images. That's why it is so important to have professional images taken to support your brand. Whether your improving your website, designing a new marketing campaign, or updating all of your social media images, it is important to have stand out professional images. We understand that you need all of your group and individual head shots to look confident, approachable professional, and uniform. 

Booking a session with us is easy!
We know every ones time is valuable.  Together we choose a day that best fits your schedule, your associates will block a time on our pre-set time slots.  (generally 10-15  minutes, tops) They show up at that time, we capture their picture. We make this process as smooth as possible so that everyone can have their pictures taken quickly but professionally with out it feeling like they've been rushed.

Here is our work flow:
*Consultation over the phone with decision maker to determine time and day for company head shots

*After consulting with decision maker, we both will choose a background color that suites your companies brand

*If you have chosen to have all images taken outside or in a setting with out our backdrop, (ie; front foyer or staircase) that will be discussed   during consultation

*We bring all of our Camera and lighting equipment to you. (We can work almost in any space)

*We will have our monitor with us so after each picture is taken you will be able to view them as we continue your session. (each individual session takes roughly 10-15 minutes, tops)

*Within 3-5 business days, each person selects their images from an online password protected gallery, while being able to purchase their image(s) and download their image right then (unless company is purchasing images, which will be discussed at consultation) 

*Retouching..Yes, we will retouch all photos to each persons specifications. Whether you want us to softly remove any unwanted facial lines, whiten teeth, or erase unwanted blemishes. Some people want no editing while others graciously ask for it.